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ENG 483 + AMS 322

US LITERATURE, 1865 - 1914:


Last updated on May 3, 2021 

Welcome to the main landing page for my spring 2021 course on US Literature, 1865-1914: Narratives of Unrest! 

Given that this course will be taught online, I am using this web page as the central place where you can find video embeds and links to the syllabus and the other online tools that we will be using. Beginning on *January 25*, please stop by for regular updates. 

 I am requiring the purchase of several texts. You can find those details here.


Please know that during this term I will work with you individually to make this course a rewarding experience but also a manageable one during these unprecedented and challenging times.  



Professor Funchion 

ENROLLED Students:

Website status: active.

required books


Make an effort to acquire the correct editions. The campus bookstore should have them in stock. I have linked the images below to our local bookstore, Books & Books, but check their arrival times. You may need to order from an online retailer to get your books on time.


Clicking on any of the images below will take you to the publisher's page where you can find edition information and links for purchasing.  

marrow book order.jpeg
iron heel image.jpeg
iola leroy book order.jpeg
mrs. spring fragrance book order.jpg
rolllin ridge book order.jpeg
PoL book order.jpeg
gilman book order.jpeg
AIS book order.jpeg

*Order the paperback.

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